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Version 1.3.1


AT88SC1604,AT88SC1604 Card


One 128*8(1k bit) configuration zone.

Eight 256*8(16k bits) user zones.

Low voltage operation:2.7v to 5.5v.

Tow-wire serial interface.

16-byte page write mode.

Self-timed write cycle (10 ms max).

Answer-to-reset register.

High security memory including anti-wiretapping.

64-bit authentication protocol (under exclusive patent license from ELVA).

Authentication attempts counter.

Eight sets of two 24-bit passwords.

Specific passwords for read and write.

Sixteen password attempts counters.

Selectable access rights by zone.

ISO compliant packaging.

High reliability.


Data retention:100years.

ESD protection:4000v(min).

Low-power CMOS.

Card module contact 8-pin SOIC ,PDIP, or LAP.