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IS23SC1604,IS23SC1604 Card


16K bits (2K x 8 ) serial EEPROM with security logic
Independent Security Codes for Data access after validation operations
Provides transportation code security
Manufactured with low power CMOS technology
Single 5V supply with Vpp internally generated
2μs Read access time; 5mS Write/Erase time
Operating temperature range from 0C to 70C
Highly reliable 1,000,000 erase/write cycles; 10 years data retention

Data access only after validation of Security Codes
Independent Read/Write protection of memory zones
Permanent invalidation of Security Codes after eight false attempts
Two security levels for Card Issuer and End User
Permanent fuse protection on passwords and personal data

IS23SC1604 is a low-cost and low power, highly secured 16K bits (2Kx8) serial EEPROM. It is fabricated using ISSI’s advanced CMOS technology. The IS23SC1604 provides 15704 bits of  memory in four application zones.  Each application zone is protected by multiple security codes independently from unauthorized read/write/erase access.  An internal security fuse protects the personalized data written by card issuer.

SIO contact number  PAD name  Description 
C1  Vcc  5V power Supply 
C2  RST  Reset 
C3  CLK  Serial Clock and Address Control 
C4  FUS  Security fuse Pin 
C5  GND  Ground 
C6  N/C  No connec 
C7  I/O  Bi-direction data input/output 
C8  PGM  Programming control for(write/erase)