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IS23SC4456,IS23SC4456 Card

IS23SC4456,  Contactless CPU Card IC

IS23SC4456 is targeting at contactless smart card applications such as e-transfer, e-ticket, electronic purse, security access and multi-applications in one-card purposes.

IS23SC4456 offers 8K bytes of STS-ROM, 24K bytes of User-ROM (for user COS debugging purpose, an emulation IC whose user-ROM is replaced with EEPROM can be provided), 256 bytes internal RAM, 768 bytes XRAM, 256 bytes RF-buffer and 8 Kbytes EEPROM, which can be used as both data and program memory. The non-volatile memory consists of high reliability cells to guarantee data integrity. This is especially important when the EEPROM is used as program memory.

IS23SC4456 RF interface conform to ISO/IEC 14443 type A.

o 0.18u EEPROM technology
o Conform to ISO14443 type A,
o 8-bit low power Turbo 8051 CPU
o ESD protection greater than 6KV (HBM)
o Support ISO14443-4, and 106Kbps and 212Kbps transmission
o 8K bytes EEPROM
o 24K bytes user ROM, 8K bytes STS ROM
o 256 bytes SRAM, and 1K bytes XRAM (768 bytes common XRAM + 256 bytes RF-buffer)
o Flexible EEPROM page mode from 1 to 32 bytes
o Typical EEPROM program time < 5 ms @ 1.8V
o EEPROM data retention minimum 10 years
o EEPROM minimum program cycles: 100,000
Security feature
o MOVC block from 8K-EEPROM code
o Memory encryption without performance penalty
o Address and data scramble
o Low voltage sensor
o Triple DES
o Cipher stream mechanism
o True random number generator

Operating frequency    12.56MHz  13.56M Hz  14.56MHz 
Input capacitance  22°C, 13.56MHz, 2V  14.40pf  15.90 pf  17.4pf 
ESD  HBM  6 kV     
EEPROM write time      3.0ms  5.0ms 
EEPROM data retention    10 years     
EEPROM write endurance    100,000 cycles     
Working distance        10.0cm 
Resonance frequency      16.0MHz