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LEGIC advant ATC1024-MV

LEGIC advant® Crypto Transponder Chips
The LEGIC advant transponder series offers a wide selection of crypto memory transponder chips for contactless ISO14443 A and ISO15693 applications.
All transponder types provide the same powerful security and application management. A wide choice of memory sizes and ISO standards is available for basic single applications up to comprehensive all-in-one-card solutions. All transponders have a standardised application interface.
The transponder chips use LEGIC’s unmatched Master Token System ControlTM for easy multi-application, high security system control and data protection.

LEGIC advant transponder chip LEGIC advant ATC1024-MV
RF standard ISO15693
Memory size 1024 byte
Typical use multi-application.biometrics

Contactless Interfaces: 13.56 MHz, ISO14443 A or ISO15693 compliant.
Memory: memory sizes from 128 bytes up to 4096 bytes. Segments and read/write privileges can be dynamically defined from 16 up to 3680 bytes per application.
Multi-Application: easy plug & play multi-application for up to 127 applications.
- System security & control and key management based on physical tokens (LEGIC Master-Token System Control). Physical token based security avoids insecure passwords and directly translates into true system control for the system owner.
- Encrypted data transfer and encrypted data storage can be defined per application (DES, 3DES, LEGIC encryption).
- All LEGIC transponder chips contain a unique transponder ID (UID) and come with LEGIC SafeID feature (authenticated UID) for enhanced trust. Cross-type API: a common API for all LEGIC advant transponder types is provided for easy and time efficient design-in.

Chip LEGIC advant ATC1024-MV
ISO standard ISO/IEC 15693
Memory size* 1024 byte
UID 8 byte
SafeID yes
Range** up to 70 cm
Key management (per app.) MTSC
Data transfer encryption
(per application)
LEGIC encryption
Data storage encryption
(per application)
LEGIC encryption
Cryptographic authentication
(per application)
64 bit
Max. number of applications 59
Memory segmentation dynamic
Application segment size 16 – 944 byte
Data retention 10 years
EEPROM cycles 100,000
Baud rates up to 26.48 kbps
Delivery form MCC2 module


LEGIC is leading supplier of 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology

LEGIC supplies this technology in the form of components for credentials and readers. The LEGIC product portfolio includes highly integrated LEGIC RF Standard, ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 compliant read/write chip sets, security modules and transponder chips. Moreover the LEGIC technology is available as virtual transponder for the use on contactless or dual interface smart cards of third parties. Thus also mobile telephones with Near Field Communication (NFC) are supported.

One single identification credential for all applications
The variety of applications ranges from access control, time & attendance, parking, cashless payments (cafeterias or vending machines, for example), IT-access, e-tickets, etc. up to highsecurity biometrical applications and other market needs of the future. The integrated, uniform LEGIC technology platform is capable of handling the authorization management for up to 127 applications with a single identification credential. 

LEGIC-based solutions are easily combined in tailor-made systems meeting individual requirements and needs. The modular LEGIC-based system solutions can be assembled and upgraded at any time.

The LEGIC technology is characterized by structural flexibility, scalability for extensions and security features and by superior application comfort. Therefore, the decision to acquire a LEGIC-based system gives you maximum protection for your investment.

Contactless Smart Cards – LEGIC® Enters into Technology Integration Agreement with Lenel

The relationship allows for integration of Lenel’s integrated security solutions with LEGIC advant technology for contactless identification for a wide variety of applications such as access control installations for business and campus sites. The agreement supports the globally increasing demand for LEGIC based security solutions. LEGIC continues to grow globally and this agreement allows it to expand its partner network with a top class worldwide system integrator.

Contactless Smart Card Technology Integration

Lenel focuses on developing products that enable organizations to effectively protect and manage their people, property and assets. With over 18’000 system installations in more than 93 countries worldwide, Lenel has a customer base with a strong presence in a broad range of vertical segments including healthcare, government, critical infrastructure, education, petrochemical, manufacturing and telecom. The LEGIC agreement allows Lenel to widen its solution portfolio with a state-of-the-art technology that meets true multi-standard compatibility.

“Partnering with LEGIC enables us to keep pace with latest identification technologies and offers additional solutions for our global customers,” says Luis Orbegoso, President of Lenel Systems International.

Klaus U. Klosa, Chief Executive Officer of LEGIC Identsystems is convinced of the strategic importance of the new partnership: “This agreement is a crucial step for our further development in global markets. We are glad to have entered into a partnership with mutual benefits and I look forward to a long and sustainable collaboration.”