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LEGIC advant ATC2048-MP

LEGIC advant ATC2048-MP

Contactless Interfaces: 13.56 MHz, ISO14443 A or ISO15693 compliant.
Memory: memory sizes from 128 bytes up to 4096 bytes. Segments and read/write privileges can be dynamically defined from 16 up to 3680 bytes per application.
Multi-Application: easy plug & play multi-application for up to 127 applications.
- System security & control and key management based on physical tokens (LEGIC Master-Token System Control). Physical token based security avoids insecure passwords and directly translates into true system control for the system owner.
- Encrypted data transfer and encrypted data storage can be defined per application (DES, 3DES, LEGIC encryption).
- All LEGIC transponder chips contain a unique transponder ID (UID) and come with LEGIC SafeID feature (authenticated UID) for enhanced trust. Cross-type API: a common API for all LEGIC advant transponder types is provided for easy and time efficient design-in.

Chip LEGIC advant ATC2048-MP
ISO standard ISO/IEC 14443 A
Memory size* 2048 byte
UID 4 byte
SafeID yes
Range** up to 10 cm
Key management (per app.) MTSC
Data transfer encryption
(per application)
LEGIC encryption
Data storage encryption
(per application)
LEGIC encryption
Cryptographic authentication
(per application)
64 bit
Max. number of applications 123
Memory segmentation dynamic
Application segment size 16-1968 byte
Data retention 10 years
EEPROM cycles 100,000
Baud rates 106 kbps
Delivery form MCC2 module

LEGIC advant® Crypto Transponder Chips
The LEGIC advant transponder series offers a wide selection of crypto memory transponder chips for contactless ISO14443 A and ISO15693 applications.
All transponder types provide the same powerful security and application management. A wide choice of memory sizes and ISO standards is available for basic single applications up to comprehensive all-in-one-card solutions. All transponders have a standardised application interface.
The transponder chips use LEGIC’s unmatched Master Token System ControlTM for easy multi-application, high security system control and data protection.

LEGIC advant transponder chip LEGIC advant ATC2048-MP
RF standard ISO14443 A
Memory size 2048 byte
Typical use full-scale
incl. biometrics


Multi-functional cards that work

All-in-one card

LEGIC all-in-one cards allow operators to increase security through having one single credential for all use cases, boost efficiency by simplifying business processes while maximizing comfort for employees or guests.

LEGIC’s proven all-in-one-card functionality allows the ability to combine up to 127 applications of different type, size or vendor on the very same credential. Functions from different vendors can be combined independently of each other thus bringing all-in-one card schemes easily to work without cumbersome coordination or costly customizing (e.g. key exchange).

Bosch Counts on LEGIC Advant® for Access Control

Bosch integrates the flexible LEGIC smart card technology into its solutions and can thus offer its international customers advanced contactless security systems. The system integrator can rely on a worldwide proven technology which meets the demands for security and convenience.

LEGIC Advant Technology

“The application of the LEGIC advant technology is extremely important to further strengthen our international business activities”, explains Reinhard Tschage, Product manager Bosch Sicherheitssysteme. “It means we can respond to the growing demand from our worldwide customers for LEGIC based security solutions and it will give us access to one of the most significant identification technologies”.

“With Bosch a leading and worldwide active company counts on our technology”, explains Dr Otto Eggimann, Vice President Sales & Business Development of LEGIC. “Based on our multifunctional smart card technology, the extensive range of solutions from Bosch is now available to end users worldwide. In particular, companies which are also active globally will be able to benefit from this”.

LEGIC® with New Reader Chip Generation LEGIC advant® 4000 at Security 2010

LEGIC Identsystems Ltd is presenting a new reader chip generation for contactless readers for personal identification at Security 2010 in Essen, Germany. The smallest chip ever developed by LEGIC impresses with high interoperability and a ready-to-use upgradable encryption package.  Moreover, LEGIC is presenting a further development of the proven authorisation system LEGIC Master-Token System Control (MTSC) which is based on security certified hardware. End users can furthermore also define their own key for their specific applications.

LEGIC advant® 4000 Reader Chip Generation

With the new SM-4200 reader chips of the LEGIC advant smart card technology, LEGIC increases the possibilities for single and multi-applications in the area of contactless personal identification such as access control, time & attendance, offline locks and e-payment. Thanks to its ultra small size, which is only 8×8 mm, the new reader chip fits in almost every application. The new SM-4200 reader chip supports the ISO 14443 A+B, ISO 15693 industry standards, the LEGIC RF standard and others. With this capability for multiple technologies, end-users can profit from the advantages of different technologies by using one single reader. Thanks to its extremely low power consumption, the chip is the perfect choice for battery-operated applications (e.g. offline door locks). The possibility of upgrading the firmware at any time in already installed readers or upgrading with further standards at a later point in time is unique in the contactless industry.   

Master-Token with Security Certified Hardware

LEGIC is moreover presenting the latest generation of its unique authorisation and management system, Master-Token System Control (MTSC). MTSC is now also available on security certified smart cards with microprocessors up to EAL 5+1. The right management system allows end-users full control over their cards, processes and applications by using a special physical Master-Token in the form of a contactless smart card. The system does not rely on passwords but provides cards and reader devices with a genetic code that links system components to each other.

Definition of additional personal keys

To protect their applications, end users have additionally the possibility to integrate their own keys. Operators can therefore easily extend their individual applications with their company’s own control function.

Urs A. Lampe, Vice President Product Marketing & New Business of LEGIC states: “We take this year’s Security trade show as the occasion to offer numerous product innovations that make further individual protection and control possibilities available to end-users. To this end, we have decisively extended our LEGIC advant reader technology. With the LEGIC advant 4000 series, we are leading the trend to compact, interoperable and highly energy efficient multi-standard solutions that also allow easy upgrade from older systems and deployment in different markets around the globe.”

The new LEGIC advant reader chip SM-4200 (8×8 mm) impresses with multi-standard features, 60% percent lower power consumption, integrated encryption package with 3DES, AES and the possibility of firmware upgrades in the field.