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LEGIC Prime MIM256

LEGIC Prime MIM256

Data Medium MIM256
Memory: 256 Bytes
Available as: Wafer / MCC2-module

– multiapplications via freely programmable, variable segment lengths
– improved communication range due to small power consumption of MIM
– highly robust due to encrypted, contactless 13.56 MHz data transfer
– fast access to application via search string
– compatibility between chip generations
– encrypted data transmission
– high security due to unique authorisation concept
– none erasable/duplicable unique number and licensee identification
– individually programmable read/write protection for each segment
– single ASIC Chip
– technology transfer and support through license concept

 Can be integrated into
– Cards
– Watches
– Keys
– Tags
– etc.
Typical Applications
– Multiapplications
– Storage of biometrics data
– Access control
– Time & attendance
– Ticketing
– Parking
– Logistics
– Electronic purse



LEGIC presented its prime product line for the first time at CeBIT 1992. Since then LEGIC prime has been established as a proven technology. As with the other LEGIC product lines, LEGIC prime runs on the industry standard frequency of 13.56 MHz. 

LEGIC prime is widely used in access control related applications such as multiapplication company cards, in large-scale ticketing projects or in the leisure industry. Easier organisational processes and to increase the convenience are thereby the main focus.

Main features of the Security Modules at a glance

  • 13.56 MHz operating frequency
  • Fully integrated hybrid modules
  • Basic security with focus on organisation and comfort
  • Up to 127 applications on a single card
  • Integrated HF and digital part
  • Integrated interfaces
  • EN300 330 and CE conform
  • Compatible with LEGIC 256 byte transponder chips
  • Master-Token System Control and automatic key managment system (based on LEGIC prime transponder and security)


  • Large and proven installed base of LEGIC prime solutions in the market
  • Vast LEGIC partner network with solutions for literally all imaginable applications
  • Choice of components and manufacturers
  • Scalable product line
  • Detailed product documentation available
  • Comprehensive training programme at all levels available
  • Credentials are compatible with LEGIC advant product line