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Hitag S 256 Card

Product Features HITAG S 256
Total Memory  
Size [bit] 256
Write Endurance [cycles] 100 000
Data Retention [yrs] 10
Organisation 64 blocks á 4 bytes
According to HITAG 1+,ISO11784/85
Frequency 100 … 150 kHz
Baudrate [kbit/s] up to 8
Anticollision yes, collision
Operating Distance [m] up to 2.0
Unique Serial Number [byte] 4
Write Protection blockwise, multi
user mode
Access Keys 48-bit
Access Conditions Encrypted Mutual
Authentication or
Encryption Algorithm yes, for authentication
Special Features  
EAS  -
AFI  -
EPC  -
TTF Modes yes
Destroy Command  -
Privacy Command  -
Sawn Wafer  -
Sawn Wafer (Au-Bumped) HTSICHxx01EW/V4
Other Packages FCP2, HVSON2,

Integrated Circuit for Contactless Identification Transponders and Cards
Integrated resonance capacitor of 210 pF with +/- 5 % tolerance over full production.
Frequency range 100..150 kHz.

Modulation Read/Write Device ® Transponder: 100 % ASK and Binary Pulse Length Coding
Modulation Transponder ® Read/Write Device: Strong ASK modulation with Anticollision, Manchester and
Biphase Coding
Data integrity check (CRC)
Optional Transponder Talks First Modes with user defined data length
Temporary switch from Transponder Talks First into Reader Talks First Mode
Data Rate Read/Write Device to Transponder: 5.2 kBit/s
Data Rates Transponder to Read/Write Device: 2 kBit/s, 4 kBit/s, 8 kBit/s

Memory option:256 Bit
More than 100 000 erase/write cycles
10 years non – volatile data retention
Secure Memory Lock functionality

Supported Standards
ISO 11784/85, ISO 14223/1 compliant
Compliant to German Waste Management Standard (BDE)
Compliant to German Pigeon Race Standard

Security Features
32 Bit Unique Identification Number (UID)
48 Bit secret key based encrypted authentication

Delivery Types
Sawn, gold – bumped 8 inch Wafer
Contactless Chip Card Module MOA2
I – Connect (Low Cost Flip Chip Package)