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Mifare Ultralight C

MIFARE Ultralight  C
NXP IC solution for contactless limited-use applications with enhanced security

MIFARE Ultralight  C is the first smart card IC for limited-use applications that offers solution developers and providers the benefits of an open cryptography. With 3DES, MIFARE Ultralight C uses a widely adopted standard, enabling easy integration in existing infrastructures. The integrated authentication command set provides an effective cloning protection that helps to prevent counterfeit of tickets.

Key applications
Public transportation
Event ticketing
NFC Forum tag type 2

Key features
Fully ISO / IEC 14443 A 1-3 compliant
106 kbit/s communication speed
Anti-collision support
1536 bits (192 bytes) EEPROM memory
Protected data access via 3DES authentication
Cloning protection
Command set compatible to MIFARE Ultralight
Memory structure as in MIFARE Ultralight (pages)
16 bit counter
Unique 7 bytes serial number
Number of single write operations: 10.000

Benefits for ticket manufacturers
Easy integration in existing production processes
Choice of three delivery formats: wafer, module and polymer strap (FCS2)

Benefits for solution developers
Compliance to ISO / IEC 14443 A 1-3
Backwards compatibility to MIFARE Ultralight
Limited integration effort in MIFARE DESFire  based solutions
Enhanced security for limited-use applications
Ease of use and proven toolkits
Fast time-to-market

Benefits for solution providers
Ability to detect cloned tickets
Availability of statistical data to optimize the system
Efficient fleet management
Higher customer throughput
Reduction of maintenance costs
Reduction of cash handling
Fraud prevention
Easy system enhancement in limited-use applications

Contactless smart paper ticketing
NXP MIFARE Ultralight C represents a new security concept to the contactless limited-use market.

With its 3DES authentication, MIFARE Ultralight C reflects the trend for enhanced security in contactless applications.

Nowadays many solution providers eliminate double infrastructure where MIFARE Ultralight C provides the perfect solution for a complete contactless system. It can easily be integrated in existing MIFARE DESFire installations,
re-using similar authentication commands.

MIFARE in figures
In 1994, first MIFARE card & reader solution invented and launched by NXP engineers
More than 650 cities and 50 countries adopted MIFARE solutions
More than 40 different applications use MIFARE technology
More than 10 million reader core components, 1 billion cards and 800 million smart ticket ICs distributed in the market

MIFARE Pedigree
NXP MIFARE is the leading technology platform for contactless ticket, card and reader solutions. With more than 10 million reader core components, 1 billion cards and 800 million smart ticket ICs sold, MIFARE is a proven and reliable technology, which represents the largest installed base worldwide. Compliant with the ISO / IEC 14443 A international standard, MIFARE ensures that today’s infrastructure can easily be upgraded. It enables solution providers to expand their transportation networks and to integrate additional services such as payment systems for taxi fares, cinema and theatre tickets, loyalty programs, access management and parking. And all while reducing the total costs of operations.

Product Features MIFARE Ultralight C
EEPROM size [byte] 1536 byte
Write endurance [cycles] 10
Data retention [years] 5
Organization Sectors, blocks
Acc. To ISO 14443A ISO 14443
Baudrate [kbit /s] 106
Unique Serial Number [byte] 7
Random Number Generator yes
Cryptography 3DES authentication
Sawn Wafer FFC Bump 17 pF type description MF01CU2001DUD
12NC Sawn Wafer 9352 875 76005
Sawn Wafer FFC Bump 50 pF type description MF01CU2101DUD
12NC Sawn Wafer 9352 875 77005
MOA4 Module 17 pF Type Description MF0MOU2001DA4
12NC MOA4 Module 17 pF 9352 875 78118
MOA4 Module 50 pF Type Description MF0MOU2101DA4
12NC MOA4 Module 50 pF 9352 875 79118