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STMicroelectronics RFID products 

CR14 and CRX14 is reader chip.

CRX14 has anti clone algorithm, it can be masked customized key as well as SRIX4k for anti-clone application.

SRT512 is for mass transportation application like NXP Ultralight,  SRT512 total memory size is 512bit  and  has  2 count-down binary counter,.

SRI512 is similar with SRT512 , only one different point , SRI512    0-4 block are OTP and 7-15 block are EEPROM, SRT512  all block are EEPROM.

SRI2k is similar with SRI512 , but its memory is 2kbit, also  0-4 block is OTP and 7-63 block are EEPROM.

SRI4k is similar with SRI512, but its memory size is 4k bit, also 0-4 block is OTP and 7-127 block are EEPROM.

LRI2k is compatible with NXP ICODE 2, but LRI2k memory is 2k bit.

LRIS2k is 2kbit memory size, but each block can use 1 of 3 passwords to control read and write.

LRI64 is low end ISO15693 product, only 64bit memory size.

SRI2K, 13.56 MHz short-range contactless memory chip with 2048-bit EEPROM and anticollision functions

■ ISO 14443-2 Type B air interface compliant
■ ISO 14443-3 Type B frame format compliant
■ 13.56 MHz carrier frequency
■ 847 kHz subcarrier frequency
■ 106 Kbit/second data transfer
■ 8 bit Chip_ID based anticollision system
■ 2 count-down binary counters with automated antitearing protection
■ 64-bit Unique Identifier
■ 2048-bit EEPROM with Write Protect feature
■ Read_block and Write_block (32 bits)
■ Internal tuning capacitor
■ 1million erase/write cycles
■ 40-year data retention
■ Self-timed programming cycle
■ 5 ms typical programming time