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Proxmark 3 RDV2 by ELECHOUSE

The Elechouse Proxmark3 Dev Kit 2 (RDV2) is the most recent addition to the Proxmark family. This redesign offers increased portability through smaller board dimensions and support for an on-board battery (sold separately). The main board measures a mere 82 mm x 38 mm. Unfortunately, this version is not open source at the moment but a schematic for its predecessor, the RDV1 is available online.

Inside the box you’ll find an Elechouse Proxmark3, PCB Sandwich Enclosure Assembly, 125kHz LF Antenna, 13.56Mhz HF Antenna, MMCX antenna cables, Power Cable, and Tag Bundle. The specific tags included in the bundle can be found under the Specifications tab. The Proxmark client software and firmware are open source and available for download. The RDV2 ships preprogrammed running Asper’s binary builds.

The Proxmark is the only SDR targeting NFC and RFID frequencies that is capable of both transmitting and receiving while meeting the timing requirements of most proximity protocols. The Proxmark also provides full control over the radio layer in addition to software support for several higher-level protocols (ex. ISO14443A).

The LF Antenna enables communication with tags that operate at 125kHz and 134kHz (including HID Prox II, HITAG, and EM4100). The HF Antenna enables communication with tags operating at 13.56Mhz (including ISO14443A Classic/Ultralight, and iClass).

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What is improved on V2

Improvement More information
Improved antennas LF antenna: 35.23 V @ 125.00 kHz
LF antenna: 27.64 V @ 134.00 kHz
LF optimal: 35.39 V @ 127.66 kHz
HF antenna: 24.08 V @ 13.56 MHz
512KB of dual bank flash memory AT91SAM7S512 instead of AT91SAM7S256 on V1
Add power indicator LED  
Enhanced antenna wires  
Improved shell Install the antenna on the shell

Supporting tags

Product List

A. Standard Kits

Protection cases assembled.

Items Qty. Note
Proxmark 3 main board 1  
LF antenna 1  
HF antenna 1  
MMCX antenna cables 2  
Micro-USB cable 1 Connecting Proxmark to PC
Mifare 1 S50 white PVC card 1 13.56Mhz
Mifare Ultralight white PVC card 1 13.56Mhz
Mifare UID white PVC card (Chinese Magic Card) 1 13.56Mhz
HID tag 1 125Khz
T5577 tag 1 125Khz
EM4X tag 1 125Khz
Proxmark PCB protection shell 1 2 boards
Copper pillar and screws package 1 To install the protection cases

B. Super Kits

Supper kits contains the Standard Kits above and a Super Bag: